Kitzbühel, Austria
May 2012


t. +43 5356 64288

«Not fashion, just contemporary»


Kitzbühel is a microcosm of excellence. An evocative, exclusive place, where the pure scent of luxury fills the air. Kaspar Frauenschuh is the man who inspired the multi-brand store that bears his name. He welcomes us with a little piece of chamois leather clenched in his hands: a stress-reliever that he canʼt do without. “We choose those brands that have the ability to transcend the trends of the moment, because our mission is to define a certain spirit, rather than to passively follow a certain fashion. At Frauenschuh, comes with a more subtle vision of the world.” Luxury is reinterpreted from a local perspective, on a family scale, and that makes it unique.

The Frauenschuh family decided from the outset to follow the path of responsibility. First of all, in terms of ethics: a family tradition which began over fifty years ago with the fatherʼs tannery and which continues on the same principles today. Itʼs a choice that has borne fruit, in the form of a select clientèle that has kept the faith for generations.

But responsibility also means sustainability. For the boutiqueʼs recent restyling, which sees it re-imagined as a theatre stage, local designers were chosen and a system of climate control and lighting was developed which reduced energy consumption by 30%. A double benefit, both for the environment and for the warm, welcoming atmosphere that it generates. So Frauenschuh represents a piece of history, a little ecosystem governed by relationships, farsightedness and ambition. A Paris opening is scheduled for the near future, guided by the same code of conduct.

Pietro Buffa

He has worked in Milan as a photographer and designer since 1999. He works on complex communication projects and teaches at the Faculty of Design of the Politecnico di Milano.