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Spring Summer 2017

22.10.2014 - 


Pantone pairings

22.04.2013 - 

For a designer, choosing from various colour combinations using Pantone samples is normal practice. That was the starting point for David Schwen’s idea: combining two different colours by visually echoing the way people put together different, imaginatively coloured foods. The result was “Pantone pairings”, a project with an original look and a playful, ironic personality.



20.03.2013 - 

The photographer Tracy Griffin evokes the Lewis Carrol story “Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There”. But in her pictures there is no real boundary, the world beyond the mirror merging perfectly with reality. The result is a magically symmetrical environment, seemingly suspended in time, that leaves the viewer with a sensation of wonderful bewilderment, where the natural objects captured become eternal.


RODA opens in Seoul

15.03.2013 - 

RODA opens its first mono-brand store in a space conceived as a refined and evocative “jewel”, occupying an area of around 60m2 in the prestigious Gangnam district, the strategic area for luxury shopping in the capital. A new element in the brand’s development strategy, the Seoul store represents its consolidation on the Oriental market.  This new project reflects the desire to look at those overseas markets that have always responded to Italian elegance and expertise with interest and passion and which, in recent seasons, have rewarded RODA in terms of both numbers and visibility.

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