Spring goes online at the RODA e-shop

Spring is in full bloom at the RODA e-shop: colourful, refined and irreverent. As of today, the full range of RODA Spring/Summer 2013 products is available from the e-shop: from garment-dyed suits to washed shirts, soft Sapporo items in neutral tones and a collection of light, exquisite accessories in vivid hues, with scarves, handkerchiefs and ties taking centre stage, all available at the click of a mouse.

Creativity and the search for originality combine with the desire to fashion a kind of elegance without limits, inspired by an aesthetic of absolute freedom with regard to formality and convention.

Embodying a spirit that can at times be over the top, with each new season RODA rediscovers and renews itself with different materials and innovative printing and colouring techniques. The result is a unique, sophisticated product for a discerning public, made up of people who do not wish to go unnoticed: torch-bearers for an elegance that is far from ordinary.

Daniele Lanci

Daniele Lanci, an eclectic creative professional specializing in photo editing. For over 10 years he has headed Brigidas, an innovative company serving the fashion industry.