The Roda showroom

RODA opens the doors to its new showroom in Milan at 17 Via Morimondo, an open space with a full-length window that makes for soft, warm natural lighting.

It’s an intelligently planned display area that perfectly reflects the brand’s aesthetic and boldly asserts its new trajectory.

A refined, warm and welcoming container, designed with the aim of focusing attention on details and conveying a distinctive idea of elegance, a style that draws on the past, bringing it to life in a contemporary way.

This result was achieved by selecting elegant pieces of period furniture from the 50s and 60s in different styles and shapes, along with an English-inspired Art Deco-style wallpaper for the wall opposite the window. Next to it, charismatic linear display elements in white cast iron and large, upholstered, cylindrical lamps indicate three working areas.

A highly effective space for representing the RODA brand, further strengthening its identity and message.

Matteo Astolfi

A graduate in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano, he works in visual design and photography. He currently operates freelance in Milan and Barcelona.