Browns London

Roda’s new window display project begins in the heart of London or, to be more precise, at Brown’s, the exclusive New Bond Street store. It’s a small but significant step forward in the ongoing process of fine-tuning the brand message.

A simple, refined and very Italian display. Rough wooden picture frames of various sizes are arranged, as if suspended, at different heights and depths, supported only by thin steel wires and small, almost invisible, cylindrical weights. Inside these “frames of the imagination”, printed scarves in various sizes and fabrics are highlighted. The result is a three-dimensional stage, a light, almost ethereal composition. In front of it stand dummies presenting the Roda style. The whole thing is in shades of blue. The display is constructed with simple materials but has a patently symbolic value, expressing the “Roda work of art” paradigm. The project will subsequently be extended to some of the most distinctive stores distributing the brand in Europe.

Massimo Varetto

The architect and designer Massimo Varetto has always been interested in the themes of recycling and reuse. He works with major clothing brands on display projects for the retail channel.