Alvvino for Roda

His name is Alessandro but in art heʼs known as Alvvino. He pitched up in Berlin curious to explore new horizons in graphic design and illustration. His is a fascinating job, which involves taking his mind on elegant flights of fancy before arriving at a symbol, an incisive and explosive expression in black and white. Or at least, we could say that if it werenʼt for his decision a few years ago to abandon the monochrome approach and take inspiration from the world of colours. A many-hued whirlwind, opening up the possibility of an even wider and more complex range of illusions. His art is based on the technique of collage. His pieces take their cue from 19th century engravings, reinterpreted and recomposed. Alvvino gives shape to surreal situations and supernatural environments of the imagination, painting a powerful picture of his intellectual world. Imagine Roda as a vortex that encompasses the experiences gained over long journeys. A sensory planet that tells the story of a pathway among shadows and colours within a natural environment. The result is a circular ecosystem of scarves fluttering in the wind, various species of bird, leaves, rocks and coloured plumage. The world of Roda seen through the eyes of Alvvino is a universe that can afford the luxury of evolution.



Freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. He has worked as an art director for art galleries, fashion houses and record companies.