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Classic elegance with a nonconformist spirit, a project that begins with the desire to imagine something different and exclusive, bucking the trend of standardization and simplification.

In 1995, Luca Roda founded RODA, a brand strongly influenced by his personality and his very personal take on elegance. It is now present in over 300 selected multibrand stores all over the world: in Italy, Europe, the USA and the Far East.

Luca Roda has designed a new style. He has liberated the tie from the constraints of traditional male elegance and introduced unique and original accessories, transforming them with a fanciful sophistication that takes advantage of the individual detail, using it wisely and making it the centre of attention.

The Roda man is Italian in spirit, sometimes irreverent with colours, and finds inspiration in the taste of the English gentleman. He lets his style express itself through the nonchalance of a printed silk scarf with a carefully tied knot, through the vibrant tones of a handkerchief, through the traditional handmade embroidery on a cashmere scarf, and through the play of paired fabrics in a tailored knit jacket.

From the joy of materials and experimentation, an original classic is born.

concept & art direction

Pietro Buffa e Davide Di Gennaro

web development

Giovanni Micocci